Meet the Yes! Properties Team

Wendy Van Rooy   |  Sales Manager

Wendy joined Communicare in 2006 with previous experience in the banking industry as well as property sales. Recently appointed the Sales Manager at Yes! Properties, she has maintained good relationships with collaborators in the property industry which makes her an asset to the Yes! Properties brand. Wendy enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband and children. Wendy says her son Joshua keeps her young, alive and on her toes. Wendy has a passion for people, especially children and can often be found getting involved with community initiatives, particularly those for little ones.

Marina Botha  | Sales Administrator

Marina has been employed with the Company since 1996 and joined the property development team in 2004. She has extensive experience in the Kuils River area and is a force to be reckoned with. Marina has a passion for hiking and when she is not at the offices in Kuils River she can be found on a trail somewhere in the wilderness or taking a break at the cinema.

Avril Sampson   |  Sales Administrator

Avril joined the company as a part-time bond originator. She built up great relationships with the various bank consultants as well as the Attorneys working on specific developments of Yes!Properties. Her main goal is to obtain the best deal for our buyers and keeping them happy and informed of the transaction at all times. Avril loves fooood , listening to RNB music and spending time with her husband , family and friends. She has an infectious laugh that brightens up the whole office and being the youngest in the team ensures that the rest of the team maintain their youthful spirit!

Jason Poole  |  Sales Consultant

Jason joined Communicare in 2010. He was previously registered under a well-known International Real Estate Brand and comes with 10 years’ experience within the real estate industry. Qualified as a Realtor with a national qualification in real estate. Jason enjoys music of all genres and loves cooking as well. He is passionate about working with people and serious about building relationships and networking.